Valley View Wireless Policy
Updated 12/15/2012


Valley View Wireless was established to provide basic internet service to Lot Owners and Renters  located within the boundaries of Valley View Estates Subdivision.
Valley View Wireless (VVW) is in no way associated with or managed by Valley View Lot Owners Association (VVELOA). VVELOA does, however, allow utilization of some Homeowner Association facilities to support the wireless network since the Board of Directors felt that implementation of the network would benefit everyone in the subdivision.
The initial system is not intended to provide high speed internet service compatible with cable and/or DSL service since it is an entry level shared wireless network with limited bandwidth.
At this point in time, a high speed wireless, unlimited bandwidth system is simply not practical with the limited financial resources and anticipated user base we will be working with.
Hopefully, we will be able improve the network capability and service level as the system matures but user support will ultimately determine its future.

Since it is shared between all users there are limits to the number of simultaneous connections and the data rate of each connection.  In order to insure that all users are serviced equally and fairly there is a 5 Gigabyte data limit placed on each user every month. Once this limit is reached, the user will simply be denied access until additional time is purchased.
In simple terms your access fee for 1 month will provide you with 1 month of service or allow you to transfer 5 Gigabits of data, whichever comes first.
Seasonal subscribers will be able to spread their monthly allowance over the total subscription period (example: a 6 month subscription will have a total of 30 Gigabytes of data spanning a 6 month period).

A set of user credentials (user name & password) cannot be restricted to any one computer and/or individual and enforcement of a monthly data limit on each account will discourage sharing of accounts between multiple users.
The current monthly limit may be increased as system capacity and/or experience dictates but it will likely never be eliminated because of the possible sharing issue.

Subscriptions will run in monthly increments and will be available for a single month or seasonally.
Each subscriber will be provided with a user name and password of their choice for account access and said account will allow (1) simultaneous log in. Any individual utilizing the issued log in credentials will accumulate data on this account counting towards the monthly total and user log in credentials should be safeguarded.

Verizon and most cell phone carriers are using the same 5 GB limit which is upload and download inclusive and they charge expensive penalty's for any overages.
VV Wireless is currently set at the same 5 Gigabit monthly upload plus download limits and will simply cease to function when the allocation limit is reached or your time expires. You can then reset it by paying another subscription fee. In essence, you are paying for what you use where heavy users, that exceed their data limit, will be renewing more often.

Most users should never exceed the 5 gigabit allocation unless they  consistently download large files such as streaming video. Internet telephone services such as Skype and Magic Jack will also consume large amounts of data quickly and will likely work poorly on wireless.  If you need this type of service, I suggest that you consider DSL or a Cable Modem instead of wireless.
However, it will cost more than our service and will likely require an annual contract. Valley View Wireless is available on a monthly basis and no contract is required.

To better understand the 5GB limit look at the following web page:

 There are other things that can be easily done to insure that you stay well within the monthly 5GB limit:


  1. Make sure that your virus protection and firewall on you computer is up to date. There are some serious Trojans out there  that will install themselves on your computer and actually use it as a gateway while you are online. This will  consume your monthly allocation very quickly.

  2. Log off or disconnect when you are not using your computer to prevent some of your resident applications from running constantly and also freeing up the system for others. This will also stop any active trojan or spy ware activity.

  3. Avoid ,or limit, the use of some of the AOL, Netzero, or Yahoo home pages which have up to 6 simultaneous function running while you are surfing.  Things like weather, stocks, movies etc can download lots of data very quickly. It will also slow your access down.

  4. Try to do your large downloads late at night or early in the morning when the system should be idle.

We are not trying to penalize anyone for using the system too much but only want to insure that all users have  internet access when they need it.  This policy will hopefully insure that  goal.

Terms of Service:

Valley View Wireless cannot be held responsible for any users inability to utilize the service due to equipment or issues beyond our control. Any refunds for unused service periods will not be issued unless verified by a site survey which indicates that coverage will not function adequately at users location.
Since Valley View Estates is a Mobile Home Subdivision and many of the homes have aluminum siding and/or steel roofs that degrade wireless signals a site survey may be requested prior to initial enrollment.
Additional equipment may be required in some locations to overcome the above stated issue. This additional equipment will be issued to users upon receipt of a deposit that will be refunded when user returns equipment and/or if user discontinues service with Valley View Wireless within one year of said initial deposit. The above referenced additional equipment is intended for indoor use only and must be returned in fully functional condition. We reserve the right to refuse service to users who abuse the system or otherwise attempt to bypass the security and have the capability to block said users.



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