You are now on the internet!!!

You will see this page each time you successfully log on to the Valley View Wireless Network and must use the Favorites or Home Page functions on your browser to proceed.


Bill Crockett, the Valley View Wireless owner, has died. At this time the wireless system continues to operate in off season mode. Without a manager the wireless system will be forced to shut down on Wednesday, October 2, 2013. If you or anyone you know is interested in operating or owning this Mesh network business please contact Tim Crockett at



Some of the VVWireless users have recently purchased or upgraded computers with the Windows 8 operating system. You should be aware that this operating system has a number of pre-installed "APPS" that will constantly use your data allocation without your knowledge. These APPS show up on the left side of your METRO screen as Weather, News, Mail and such and will constantly use data as long as your computer is connected to the internet.
The only sure way to prevent this issue is to un-install them by Right clicking on each individual APP with your mouse ,then Left Click on the resulting un-install link that will show up in your bottom task bar. This must be done for each APP that you do not want or use.

All accounts will automatically terminate at the end of the subscription period OR when the monthly data allocation has been exceeded . The following is from the Vally View Wireless Policy statement.

Since Valley View Wireless Network is shared between all users there are limits to the number of simultaneous connections and the data rate of each connection.  In order to insure that all users are serviced equally and fairly, there is a 5 Gigabyte data limit placed on each user every month. Once this limit is reached, the user will simply be denied access until additional time is purchased.
In simple terms your access fee for 1 month will provide you with 1 month of service or allow you to transfer 5 Gigabits of data, whichever comes first.
Seasonal subscribers will be able to spread their monthly allowance over the total subscription period in order to avoid overage in any one month (example: a 6 month subscription will have a total of 30 Gigabytes of data spanning a 6 month period).

Summer Mode

I will start powering many of the unused repeater nodes down for the summer beginning in mid April to reduce storm damage.
If you will be using Valley View Wireless after April 15, please check with me as most unused nodes will be shut down by then and I will be leaving the valley for the summer on April 14 .
I will be able to manage the network remotely during the summer and my contact number will be good year round.


December 1 2012
Please insure that your computer is running adequate virus protection software if it is to be utilized on the internet. I have had at least 3 computers this season that required complete operating system restore from scratch due to Trojan software infections. This issue is not limited to Valley View Wireless and can happen with any internet connection. I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials which is free to legal Microsoft Windows users. And I also recommend that you log off of Valley View Wireless when you are not actively using the internet, using the link on Valley View Estates page or the one below.

All laptop computers that are equipped with wireless capability have a method of turning the wireless radio off to reduce battery consumption. This feature is likely to be different on every laptop make and model and all users should insure that they know how to manage this function in the event it is accidentally turned off . This should also be the first thing you should check if you cannot obtain the Valley View Wireless Login Screen.

Due to the large amount of time involved in solving these and other computer issues, effective immediately, any issues or problems not related to interface to, or with Valley View Wireless will be charged on an hourly basis .

I will be out of the Valley from April 15 until October 15
The wireless network will be placed in Summer mode and many repeaters will be turned off to prevent storm damage and conserve electricity.
I will be able to extend expired accounts via phone during this period and my contact number will be automatically forwarded to my cell phone
Mini-Repeaters can be returned to George Marolf at 2000 Kelly Street during this period but lease refunds will have to be mailed to you.

You will see this post-login page every time you use Valley View Wireless and we suggest that you save it in your browser favorites or set it as a temporary Home Page since it contains important information to assist you in managing your Valley View Wireless account.

Useful Links for your Valley View Wireless Account Management

click here or here to Log Out of Account Manage My Account Valley View Wireless Support
Contact Valley View Wireless Frequently Asked Questions Valley View Wireless Policy Statement
Valley View Estates Web Page Microsoft Security Essentials Download Link Solving Login issues with new server

Important System Notices and User Information

If your login does not bring you to this page immediately and/or appears non responsive, you may already be logged in.
You can verify this by going to the Vally View Estates website and clicking on the link there "To log in or log out of your Vally View Wireless Account".
This will automatically log you out an take you back to the Login Page.

All users can now view current account information such as expiration date, current usage and your login sessions to date by clicking on the "Manage My Account" link in the table above and entering your login information.

You can also have your login information automatically entered for you every time you log in by clicking on the check box adjacent to "Remember Me?" on the login page prior to logging in.